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Westchester Tenant Attorney

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Statistics show that more than half of the housing units in Westchester are rental spaces. If you’re a tenant of an apartment or a condo and you find yourself in particularly difficult situations with your landlord, maybe what you need is more than just a confrontation. You might need a competent Westchester tenant lawyer to protect your rights and interests should you find them violated with unreasonable or illegal actions by your landlord.

With a top-notch Westchester tenant attorney from Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys, you can access guided information about your rights as a tenant in Westchester and better protect your interests. We can offer every legal service you will need in this fight. From assessing your situation and building the best legal defense to effectively representing you in judicial proceedings and competently arguing for your case, we’ve got your back.
Give us a call, tell us everything you need, and expect a highly experienced team of Westchester tenant rights experts to begin working on your case immediately.
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Benefits of a Westchester Tenant Rights Lawyer

Having problems with real estate dispute resolution as a Westchester tenant can be not just stressful but also costly. You might think that getting an tenant attorney to help you out would just mean more money down the drain. But in our line of work, many people who have tried to solve complex legal problems on their own find themselves in worse situations.

With Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys by your side, you can expect to have every legal advantage and tool you can have to solve your real estate problems for the best market price possible. We offer the full set of legal services that you will need to get the best out of your situation, no matter how complex it may be. We are ready to protect your tenant rights and interests in any legal problem you have. To give you an idea of what we can help you with, here are a few of the most common problems Westchester tenants have that we are ready to effectively resolve with you:

Unlivable Conditions

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One very common problem tenants face regarding their landlords and housing units is living in unlivable conditions and damaged structures. To protect the tenant population, real estate law implies (and some leasing agreements express) a warrant of habitability. This is an unspoken assurance that rental properties follow laws on basic safety and livability conditions.

If your rented unit has much-needed repairs, you can send a notice to your landlord about the amount of money needed to fix the damages. If the landlord fails to follow through even with enough time, you have three options that we can help you with:

  • You can leave the unit supported by the theory of construction eviction, the state where the conditions of the residential premises have become too destructive for respectable habitation.
  • You also have the option to sue your landlord for the cost of the repairs and continue your tenancy.
  • The third option involves hiring the appropriate service provider yourself to do the repairs, using rent money for the funds. The lessor, if unaware of the relevant laws, may sue or evict you to protect their landlord rights. But as long as your case is tight according to real estate laws, it will be highly possible for you to win against the landlord.

It is very important, however, to guarantee that your case has followed the requirements of withholding rent to cover repair costs according to federal laws, state laws, and local ordinances. Such conditions include having a maximum of $500 in total costs, having a reliably skillful service provider to do the repairs, having the landlord informed about the tenant’s intention to make the repairs using rent money, and providing the landlord with a 14-day notice that the repairs must be completed.

It is a general recommendation that a tenant who wishes to pursue this course of action inquire first with a trusted Westchester tenant attorney for guidance and information. Otherwise, the tenant may leave out certain details of the law and fail to protect their rights and interests, perhaps even ending up losing their residential unit and a significant amount of resources. Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys is here to provide you with everything you need, from the simplest legal advice to representation in court as demanded by your situation.

Recovering Your Security Deposit

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Lease agreements typically involve security deposits: the extra fees paid by the tenant for the purposes of funding any damages done to the residential unit. It can also be used to pay for a tenant’s non-payment of rent, although its existence does not automatically relieve the tenant of the obligation to pay the last rental fee. The landlord must return this amount when the tenant leaves the leased property.

Many real estate dispute cases spring from a landlord not returning the security deposit by the end of a lease agreement. If this happens to you, we can help you sue your landlord and recover the amount you are owed. In some jurisdictions, you can even be entitled to receive an additional amount for the damages caused by a landlord wrongfully withholding your deposit.

Defense Against Wrongful Evictions

Another very common legal problem that tenants face is an unreasonable eviction threat by a landlord. Some unreasonable lessors would provide their notice of eviction just a few days before the intended date. Some fail to provide a notice at all. Some, out of unawareness, do the eviction themselves by removing the tenant’s properties in the housing unit and locking the door.

With a Westchester tenant rights lawyer from Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys, we can efficiently create the most effective arguments possible against a wrongful eviction imposed on you by your landlord. There are many known defenses that we can use depending on your case based on eviction law. Just let us know about your situation, and we’ll get right into it. We can defend you in all the judicial proceedings that you might face.

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Skilled Property Rights Lawyer At Your Service

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No Westchester tenant wanting to protect their rights wants to end up with a legal service provider that is not on the same page with them. At Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys, we guarantee that our legal team is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for you no matter what kind of legal conflict you have with your landlord.

We are confident to show you the many clients we have satisfied in the past. We always bring our excellent work ethic and passionate approach to all the cases we handle. Moreover, we understand the human side of legal problems. We know that winning your case is more than just papers and arguments. We put value in the quality of life that our clients have after resolving the legal problems that they have. Rest assured that you are in good hands with Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys.

Consult with a Westchester Tenant Lawyer Today!

Westchester Tenant Attorney chicago logo 300x76Before accomplishing a big decision regarding your real estate problem, it is only logical to be well-informed about all the federal, state, and local laws involved. And there is no better way to achieve this than consulting a well-experienced and trusted Westchester, IL tenant lawyer from Chicago Landlord Tenant Attorneys. Just give us a call and tell us what you need. We will immediately begin working on your case, and you’ll have that conflict with your landlord resolved in no time!

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